The Network

The Emerging Literary Translators’ Network in America provides support for beginning and early-career literary translators.

We are based in the United States and are primarily concerned with issues specific to translators in this country, but we welcome members from around the world. However, literary translators in the UK or Europe may be better served by the Emerging Translators’ Network. (Much appreciation and gratitude to the ETN, who served as the inspiration for ELTNA.)

ELTNA offers an online forum where members can ask questions, seek advice, and share news, events, resources, and contacts with each other, with the aim of spreading knowledge and furthering our careers. We organize events, including online webinars and literary salons, and occasional in-person events spread across the US. We also provide resources on training for translators, including academic programs, mentorships, and workshops available to budding translators.

To join, please send an email to[at], explaining what qualifies you as an emerging literary translator (e.g. you’ve been published, you’re studying literary translation at a university, you’re a commercial translator and are interested in breaking into literature, or you speak a couple of languages and want to learn more about the field) and how ELTNA would help you. No prior experience necessary — only a healthy interest in literary translation.

Happy translating!

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